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Does your skin show evidence of sun-damage, rosacea or are you suffering from an oily t-zone that you feel affects your appearance and self-image? If you answered yes then we have the perfect touch for you. A ideal candidate’s skin for a Photofacial treatment will show obvious signs of coarsening of skin texture, facial spider veins (typically around the nostrils), an oily t-zone, pigmented skin and enlarged pores. Woodglen can provide the treatment to reduce pigmentation, diminish facial veinsand stimulate collagen production, ultimately resulting in a smoother, more vibrant appearance.

Pigmented Lesions

Sunspots, freckles, brown aging spots and many birth marks can be removed successfully with laser treatments. The wavelength of light emitted by our Palomar Starlux successfully targets areas with high concentrations of melanin.

The energy of the laser will pass through the skin but will be rapidly absorbed by high concentrations of melanin. This rapid absorption of light energy results in the destruction of melanin. This results in lightening of the deeply pigmented areas which will then blend with the normal surrounding skin.


Applications for the Intense Pulsed Light treatment include blood vessels, rosacea, Port Wine Stains, certain types of acne lesions, sebaceous hyperplasia of the face, poikiloderma (the red-brown pigment in the skin found on the neck and chest), facial wrinkle reduction, stretch marks and some red scars.

The Laser produces an intense but gentle burst of light that selectively destroys the blood vessels of spider veins without damaging the surrounding tissue. The blood vessels clot due to the effect of the laser light energy. They gradually diminish in visibility over several months.

For vascular lesions, 3-5 treatment sessions 4-6 weeks apart is needed to achieve maximum improvement, and for facial wrinkle reduction, 4 treatment sessions 4-6 weeks apart is recommended. The final result is not expected, and cannot be judged, for 3-4 months following the last treatment. Although more aggressive treatment may reduce the number of treatment sessions, the downtime is much more significant.

Following laser treatment, the area may continue to sting slightly or feel warm like a sunburn for a few hours or days. Applying ice packs to treated areas can alleviate any discomfort experienced following the procedure. The usual treatment session lasts 15-20 minutes, and may be repeated at a minimum for 4 week intervals.