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Correction of Breast Asymmetry

Correction of Breast Asymmetry

All women have some degree of asymmetry (difference) between their two breasts. This difference can be seen as a difference in shape, size, nipple size or nipple height on the breast itself. In some women the fold beneath the breasts may be at different heights with one breast lower than the other.


The rib cage can cause the position of the breast to be positioned differently. Usually, the average breast differences are so minimal as to not be noticed by the patient. Woodglen Aesthetics informs all his patients of this difference prior to breast surgery so they won’t be surprised if these small differences are magnified as the breast is altered in size, larger or smaller. In more obvious cases the difference between two breasts can be quite substantial, causing both physical imbalance and emotional distress for the patient.

Correction Of Breast Asymmetry

In cases of significant breast asymmetry the goal of corrective breast surgery is to create two breasts that match each other as closely as possible in both size, shape and chest wall position. This may be best achieved with corrective breast surgery on one breast or both breasts. Corrective breast surgery may include augmenting one breast and lifting or reducing the other breast. Or augmenting breast with different size implants. Or doing asymmetrical breast lifts or reductions. Woodglen Aesthetics in Glendora & Los Angeles area custom tailors the surgery to each individual patient’s needs. To learn more about plastic surgery in LA County, please Contact us in Glendora from nearby Arcadia and Azusa to schedule a complimentary consultation.