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Lip Surgery

Lips are the central core for interpersonal communication. It is the fabric of your smile. Full red lips have always been seductive. Think how much lipstick they sell. It is natural to desire full lips. Lip augmentation increases the fullness of the lips. It can be achieved by a surgical (fat grafts) or minimally invasive technique (fillers).

A lip lift is a procedure that increases the vermillion (red portion) of the upper lip and reduces the distance between lips and your nose . If your lips are thin from birth or because of aging, this procedure can increase the size of your lips and expose more redness. A lip lift procedure involves taking a strip of skin from the part of the lip close to your nose. It is a short procedure that can be done as a local or general anesthesia procedure.

Lip reduction surgery is a lip correction technique for ethnic lips or for lips deformed by trauma. Surgical reduction of the lip can is done inside the mouth so the scars are not visible. The vermillion (the red portion) is reduced inside the mouth to make the lips appear smaller.