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Chin Surgery

Chin surgery includes procedures that reshape or augment the chin to enhance the aesthetic balance of the patient’s face. A chin should be prominent, but not project so far that it becomes disproportionate. To achieve this goal, your plastic surgeon may recommend a facial implant or a chin reshaping procedure. Woodglen Aesthetics performs chin surgery procedures in Glendora, along with facial surgery procedures such as rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery and cheek augmentation.

Who Can Undergo Chin Surgery?

If you believe that your chin is small or not in proportion with your other facial features, you may want to consider chin surgery. Good candidates for chin surgery don’t necessarily have a small chin in any objective sense, but rather a chin that is relatively small or does not project sufficiently. As with other cosmetic procedures, the best candidates are healthy, non-smokers who have realistic expectations about the expected outcome. During a consultation, we can help you determine if chin surgery will achieve the results you desire.

What Happens During Chin Surgery?

In chin augmentation, anatomically shaped facial implant is placed in front of the jawbone to increase chin projection. The incision can be placed inside with mouth or below the chin. Dr. Sattler performs the incision, creates a pocket for the implant and secures it in place. Sliding genioplasty is a different type of chin surgery in Glendora & Los Angeles that involves surgical removal of chin bone, which is then slid forward or backward. This technique can refine or augment the chin. A sliding genioplasty might be recommended in cases where chin implant alone would not suffice.

How Will I Look and Feel After Chin Surgery?

After your chin surgery, Woodglen Aesthetics will provide detailed post-operative instructions to follow during recovery. These may include steps to eat a soft diet, practice good oral hygiene, keep the head elevated and refrain from touching the chin. Antibiotics and pain medications are often prescribed after chin surgery. In order to make your surgical procedure as comfortable as possible, we use absorbable sutures. Therefore there are no painful suture removals. Do you have questions or concerns about chin surgery in LA County? Contact our plastic surgery practice in Glendora from nearby Arcadia or Azusa to schedule a personal complimentary consultation.