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Butt Lift

Due to the lax features of gluteal tissues and the effects of weight loss, maternity, and aging, buttocks are extremely susceptible to sagging and skin inelasticity. Butt lift, or gluteoplasty, is a procedure designed to correct excessive drooping of buttocks by lifting and tightening the skin over the gluteal region. Woodglen Aesthetics offers butt lift procedure to patients who are interested in regaining youthful-looking, smoother, well-positioned and fuller buttocks.


Butt lift surgery is as an out-patient procedure performed under general anesthesia. It is often included in body lift or in a circumferential tummy tuck. There is a variety of butt lift approaches suitable for different types of conditions, including traditional butt lift, Brazilian butt lift, and buttock implants. For most cases, the incision is created at the waist or slightly underneath the waist. After making the incision, unwanted skin and fat are removed. The remaining skin is then tightened upwards and sutured in layers. Fat transfer method is typically used to correct any further tissue folds below the butt curve. Sterile dressing is then applied after completing the procedure. Butt lift procedure could take approximately two to four hours to complete.


In order to help reduce the swelling and to help natural skin tightening, patients are required to wear a compression garment for a certain period of time post-surgery. Butt lift patients at Woodglen Aesthetics are given necessary medical prescriptions to reduce discomfort and reduce risks. Patients are advised to avoid any strenuous activity for at least three months. Most patients achieve full butt lift recovery after four to six months.


  • Butt lift results can last for many years
  • Improves the overall appearance of the gluteal region
  • Restores buttock skin elasticity and firmness
  • It can correct gluteal shape deformities

Risks and Complications

As with any type of surgical procedures, butt lift has associated risks and complications and must be discussed with your plastic surgeon during consultation. Some of the most common risks associated with butt lift may include:

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Bruising and swelling
  • Infection
  • Blood clots
  • Scarring
  • Fluid collections
  • Contour irregularities

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