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Injectable Treatments

Treat creases, scars, and wrinkles with one of our modern and safe injectable materials for a softer, more relaxed appearance and instant rejuvenation! Our modern injectable materials are proven safe, FDA approved alternatives.

Laser Treatments

Laser skin treatment is a new cosmetic surgery technique to treat skin problems, in which a surgeon uses a carbon dioxide laser to vaporize the upper layers of skin, removing them so that new skin reforms. The laser is a very precise beam of energy and can be directed onto any part of the skin, including damaged areas. It is often used on wrinkles and fine lines, particularly around the eyes and mouth. It can be used to make mild scarring or burns less noticeable, and to remove tattoos. Pulses of laser light can be used to treat port wine stains, acne scars, and spider veins. READ MORE >

Skin Care & Beauty Products

No matter how you think of it, your skin is very important. It covers and protects everything inside your body. It is surely something we always need to look after to keep it looking fresh after the daily rigors of life. Woodglen Aesthetics offer a wide range of services to help you maintain the beauty of your skin at very affordable prices. READ MORE >

The medical procedures were outstanding. I am really pleased with the results and highly recommend you to others.
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